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Scientific Committee

  • Niels Grabe (Conference Chair), National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT)
  • Peter Schirmacher, University Hospital Heidelberg
  • Dirk Jäger, National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT)


November 29th, 2013

11:00 - 19:00

9:00 - 11:00

11:00 - 11:15

11:15 - 12:45

11:15 - 12:00

12:00 - 12:45

12:45 - 13:45

13:45 - 15:25

13:45 - 14:15

14:15 - 14:35

14:35 - 14:55

14:55 - 15:25

15:25 - 16:00

16:00 - 18:00

16:00 - 16:20

16:20 - 16:50

16:50 - 17:10

17:10 - 17:40

17:40 - 18:00

Registration and Morning Coffee

Opening and Welcome (Niels Grabe)  (Download Presentation)

Session 1: Single Cells - Big Data
Chair: Peter Schirmacher, Peter Hamilton

Gerd Binnig (Definiens): "Tissue Phenomics and Big Data - the future of digital pathology?"

Michael Grunkin (Visiopharm): "Tissue Based Cancer Research and Diagnostics – The Devil is in the Data"

Lunch, Posters, Exhibition

Session 2: From Biomarkers to Patients
Chair: Niels Grabe, Gerd Binnig

Peter Hamilton (Queen's University Belfast / PathXL): "Picture Perfect: Digital pathology in stratified medicine and modern biomarker discovery"

Akiro Saito (NEC): "Prediction of HCC Recurrence by morphological measurement"

Gero Kramer (Vienna University / TissueGnostics): "Development and clinical testing of a novel user-independent image analysis software for quantitative analysis of immunostained cells in tissue biopsies"

Nicolas Wentzensen (NCI): "Whole slide scanning and automated image analysis for cervical cytology"

Coffee, Posters, Exhibition

Session 3: Changing Routine Pathology
Chair: Michiie Sakamoto (Keio University), Michael Grunkin

Peter Schirmacher (Heidelberg University): "Virtual microscopy and histopathological diagnostics applications and strategies" (Download Presentation)

Mogens Vyberg (Aalborg University): "New standards for data quality and diagnostic workflows in the pathology lab" (Download Presentation)

Michael Hummel (Charité Berlin): "NanoZoomer - a tool for FISH-applications?"

Paul Van Diest (University Utrecht): "Validation of digital diagnostics"

Janke Dittmer (Gilde Healthcare Partners): "Digital Pathology from an investor’s perspective"

IN THE EVENING 18:30 Bus Transfer to the Molkenkur
19:00 Traditional Wine Punch Reception at the Molkenkur
19:30 Social Dinner at the Molkenkur with the Band "Huup Dutch"
(Back Transfer: 22:30)


November 30th, 2013

09:00 - 15:00

8:30 - 9:00

9:00 - 10:00

9:00 - 9:20

9:20 - 9:40

9:40 - 10:00

10:00 - 10:30

10:30 - 12:30

10:30 - 11:00

11:00 - 11:30

11:30 - 11:50

11:50 - 12:10

12:10 - 12:30

12:30 - 13:30

13:30 - 15:00

13:30 - 14:00

14:00 - 14:20

14:20 - 14:40

14:40 - 15:00

Morning Coffee

Session 4: Profiling the Tumor
Chair: Nicolas Wentzensen, Mogens Vyberg

Frederick Klauschen (Charité Berlin): "Computer-assisted breast cancer image analysis: Ki67 and beyond."

Richard Byers (University of Manchester): "Favourable diffuse prognostic pattern of FOXP3 +ve and CD69 +ve T-cells in follicular lymphoma demonstrated using hypothesised interaction distance (HID) automated prognostic feature identification"

Peter Caie (Edinburgh University): "Novel Prognostic Tools through Digital Pathology to Stratify High Risk Colorectal Cancer Patients"

Coffee, Posters, Exhibition

Session 5: Technology in Application
Chair: Paul van Diest, Yukako Yagi

Florian Markowetz (University of Cambridge): "Quantitative image analysis of cellular heterogeneity in breast tumors complements genomic profiling"(Download Presentation)

Daniel Racoceanu (National University of Singapore and Sorbonne Universities): "Whole slide analysis using a symbolic cognitive approach: Towards cognitive virtual microscopy in breast cancer histopathology." (Download Presentation)

Jeroen van der Laak (Radboud University Nijmegen): "Towards computer aided detection in Pathology"

Raphael Maree (Université de Liège): "A rich internet application for remote visualization, collaborative annotation, and automated analysis of whole slide images" (Download Presentation)

Steffen Härtel (Universidad de Chile): "From Microscopy, Imaging to Clinical Research: A Latin American Perspective" (Download Presentation)

Lunch, Posters, Exibition

Session 6: Exploring the Third Dimension
Chair: Daniel Racoceanu, Steffen Härtel

Yukako Yagi (Massachusetts General Hospital): "Challenges in Whole Slide Image Based 3D Imaging" (Download Presentation)

Niels Grabe (Heidelberg University): "Detection of the Mechanism of Wound Closure using WSI" (Download Presentation)

Sven Lindemann (Merck Serono): "The use of whole slide imaging and digital histomorphometry for drug development in Osteoarthritis"

Katja Steiger (TU München): "Whole slide imaging in a comparative pathology setting with special emphasis on validation of multimodal molecular imaging"

  15:00 Closing and Fare-well Coffee


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